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You’re probably wondering why we would want a Fragrance Free World, right? After all, roses have a fragrance. A lot of flowers do. So do foods and spices. Lots of things have a fragrance. What’s wrong with fragrance?

Well, those aren’t the ones we’re concerned about here. Fragrance Free World is trying to get the message out that the “fragrances” that you buy in the store are not natural. Whether you buy a cologne, perfume, “air freshener” or some other product to which a “fragrance” has been added, it just isn’t natural. AND, it isn’t healthy.

Are you familiar with those commercials for “air freshener” that say things like “candles don’t disperse the scent throughout the room”? They’re pushing plug-in “air fresheners” or special candles and such that are made to help the scent quickly disperse throughout the room.

But, how in the world do they do that? The answer is chemicals called VOCs. The key word is volatile:

volatile – easily evaporated at normal temperatures

And just to be clear:

evaporate – turn from liquid into vapor

Hence, the fragrance molecules turn into a vapor at room temperature and can disperse throughout the room. The bad news is that the modern fragrance is a mess of chemicals to begin with. So they spread throughout the room. Furthermore, the fragrance is carried by the VOCs, so the VOCs spread throughout the room as well.

They wind up on your clothes, on your skin, in your lungs as you breathe, on any food in the room (even the grocery store), and in your stomach once you eat that food.

The worst news is that some of the same chemicals that everyone screams about if they get in our landfill are also used in modern fragrances. Chemicals in the landfill could wind up in our drinking water. We’ve likely all read about the benzene – a well-known carcinogen – in a landfill. But now it has a faster route to your body – the modern fragrance!

You look dubious. You’re thinking “Surely the government wouldn’t let this happen to us. Doesn’t the FDA police these things?”

Sadly, the answer is “No“.

It’s got to do with something called a trade secret. It’s the same reason no one really knows what’s in Coca-Cola. Or why the KFC recipe is such a secret. The fragrance industry is afraid that if we had their ingredient list, any of us could reproduce that fragrance. As if! Right. I could give you the list of ingredients in my spaghetti sauce, but that wouldn’t mean you could duplicate it. There’s more to it than that.

Yet their lobbies have lots of money, so they keep their secret.

Honestly, I don’t know how those people sleep at night. Knowing what they put in their products, and what it does to people. Clearly, they have no conscience.

Or, maybe their delusional.

For a long time, the fragrance industry claimed that the only possible physical reaction to a fragrance was dermatitis. At the spot on the skin where it was applied.

But that totally defies logic. We now know that our skin absorbs many things that are applied to it. Hence the success of the nicotine patch, the pain patch and the birth control patch. And that’s just the beginning. If the scent reaches your nose, then it gets into your nose, and your lungs.

Now, think about the “air freshener” (a badly named product if there ever was one). The grocery stores where I live like to pump gallons of “air freshener” into their stores. My guess is that it is because our city has been named the “Sweatiest City”.

Aside – Where I live, there’s one grocery that has pretty much run all the others out of town. Any more their only competition is the discount stores turned “super” and the “wholesale” warehouses. About 2 years ago, I found that the soap in their restroom was identified as “fragrance free”. It was stated that it was safe for use by those who handled food. It was some time later that I noticed that this soap was gone. About the time they started pumping in the “air freshener”. Odd, don’t you think?

So this chemical soup-turned-vapor is floating through the air in your grocery store. It gets on your produce. Maybe it comes off when you wash it. It also penetrates plastic. Oh, yes, plastic is very porous. So that means it gets into an awful lot of the food in the grocery. And so, you eat it.

No, I’m not making this up. If I could make things like this up, I’d be competing with Stephen King or some other author.

Sadly, there are many that would like to silence people like me. Trouble makers that we are. Quite politically incorrect.

This is not the mad rantings of one individual. There are many people that are impacted by these chemicals. They can affect anyone at anytime causing incapacitating and even disabling illness. Who can be affected by these chemicals?
* People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
* People with migraines
* People with Asthma
* Developing Children – Before and After Birth
* People with COPD or other breathing disorders
* People with Emphysema
* People with Autoimmune Disorders (MS, Lupus, and others)
* People with Allergies and Sinus Headaches
* People with frequent colds or respiratory infections
* People with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADHD
* Formerly Healthy People who’ve been exposed to too many chemicals
* Who can say? You could be next!

Read some more about this. There’s lots of information out there. Check out the rest of this blog. Read what we’ve written and the comments people have left. Read some of the material in our blogroll. Check out our other site Mariposa Naturals.

Have a look around before you decide we’re all crazy. ‘Cuz we’re not. We’re just trying to survive. It’s been said that we are like the canaries in the mines. Only no one is noticing our illness or our passing.

If you’re here because you have a problem with fragrances, or you just dropped in and have decided you no longer want so many fragrances in your world, please leave us a comment.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I was so glad to find this website. I’m suffering from scent related asthma and have for over 8 years now. My boss allowed me to not attend their monthly meetings as I would have severe asthma attacks from the exposure to everyone’s scents. Now, I have a new boss and this one insists I now have to attend the meetings or I could lose my job. She is claiming if I can’t do the meetings then I can’t do the job at all. I contend otherwise. I am an apartment manager; I live on site, and I show apartments. I’ve managed to do my job without complaints from prospective tenants by explaining my sensitivity and leaving the door and windows open. I’ve never had a complaint. Now my boss is saying it is unfair of me to expect visitors to suffer from having the door open and it’s not a reasonable accommodation. The boss is now asking me to wear a gas mask or a respirator so that I can attend the monthly meeting. That will not work as the scent will still be on my skin, on my clothes and in my hair. There’s no getting away from scent. I’m at my wit’s end as how I’m to continue working. I’m too young to retire and how does one live while trying to be approved for disability.? If you are even approved! Besides, I like working. I hope the lawsuit mentioned in the blog will finally open people’s eyes as to the damage scents can cause people. If anyone out there is facing or has faced disability due to scent sensitivities please respond. I would like to know what I, and anyone else in this situation, is facing. Thanks for listening.

  2. Tess –
    I am so sorry to hear of your problems. You are among friends here. If you check out the Visitor Tip Page, you’ll see a couple of others with similar problems. There are some links to disability sites there.

    I know that isn’t a good option – none of us want to choose that option. Perhaps there are other options.

    I have chosen to work from my house. I’m currently self-employed. It’s a hard road too. But, there are more and more work-at-home options in today’s world.

  3. Tess,
    I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this. I too have severe scent related Asthma so I completely understand. Thankfully my employer has allowed me to work from home and to telephone into meetings but it meant a demotion in position. But for me it was worth it. I can’t offer much in the way of advise as I am in Canada and our laws are different but I just wanted to lend my support. You have to develop a thick skin with this illness and fight for your rights. Good Luck and if you never need to chat you can contact me via my blog, Voiceless Wonder (Surely has a link to it in her blogroll.)

  4. Tess, I’m sorry your boss is not willing to work with someone who has chemical sensitivities. I currently work for a non-profit organization and they have implemented a fragrence-free policy. The process has taken almost two years and the results have been well worth the effort especially for me…I suffer from chemical sensitivity as well. Your employer is mandated under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide “reasonable accomodations” in the workplace. One of my challenges has been getting a medical diagnosis (beyond a mental health issue)for my physical condition. As a result, I do not have doctor’s support for my condition. You, however, have Asthma a recognized medical condition and may have better results invoking the ADA law. I sincerely wish you well. Your boss probably will not have an understanding until she becomes chemically sensitive or until someone she cares for becomes chemicall sensitive. Hang in there.

  5. Hi Tess, I have severe reactions to smell goods worn by others at my work. Make sure when you are talking with your bosses that you have a reliable witness to verify what is said, or what would be better is to ask for corresporandance be put in writing.I won’t say you will get all things verified but some you will and sounds to me like you are being descrimnated against as myself, You should really speak to your attorney, And never feel alone as many are here to help, I have been very severe at work and they are a large company which states safety is one of thier, nevermind. I have to go now and get started with all my legal avenues, It is official I am put on unpaid leave of absence now, which I did not ask for and I was not being deciplined, Prayers will be said for you

  6. I am very allergic to fragrance chemicals. I would like to see those negatively affected by fragrance chemicals speak up. We need to let our political representatives know there is a problem, if they find his issue is negatively affecting many in the public we may eventually get action. Complain when you are paying for goods or services and have to contend with fragrance chemicals. Ask for an accommodation in court rooms, doctor offices, work, and any place else you can. Insist on fresh air. If your waitress is wearing fragrance ask for one who is not wearing it. We must let people know this is not acceptable. I cannot serve as a juror since they cannot give me a fragrance free court room. Fragrance use in public should be treated the same as public smoking. We should hold the fragrance industry accountable for the lack of safety in their product and get the word out. Check MSDS’s for fragranced products and spread the word. Ask manufacturers for a fragrance-free version and ask for your money back when fragrance is not listed prominently on the ingredients label. We can do this! Let’s keep the pressure on.

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