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19 thoughts on “Visitor Tips”

  1. So – I need some help! A family member with MCS may be coming to visit me and I want to do everything possible to make it a fun and pleasant visit for her (so that I may expect future visits)! I have a guest bedroom that is mostly closed off. I went in there the other day and it smells a little musty. The guest bathroom is the children’s bathroom but it’s also where I get ready every morning. I do use hairspray in there and unfortunately, there is no window. What things can I start doing now to help with the visit? Maybe you could write a series of blog posts on this?

  2. Thanks for the question, Mama Grizzly! I will write on this real soon.

    But, as a starter, is there any way you could use that hairspray somewhere else? In my experience, they all have perfume or fragrance in them. Even if it’s a masking fragrance. When you spray it, it clings to everything and holds on forever!

  3. My roommate was recently diagnosed with histoplasmosis and is about to lose her job due to having to miss work because of the histo.

    Does anyone have any links (ADA type) or other helpful hints on how she can approach her employer and save her job?

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  4. Susan – So sorry to hear about your roommate. She should start with the ADA. I’ll post more links as I run across them.

  5. Thank you surely. I have spent the last couple of hours looking on that site but cannot find anything specific that might help.

    The most beneficial site so far has been the Job Accommodation Network site.

    I was hoping all you knowledgeable folks might have more information. We are just starting to deal with this.

    Thank you again.

  6. I am having trouble finding unscented garbage bags. Hefty and Glad scent their bags with something minty, and the chemicals spread to the unscented products adjacent.
    Also, I’m smelling mint on Bounty paper towels, too, and I have no idea why white paper towels would be scented. The smell seems to come from the cardboard roll. It’s overwhelming, and it persists.
    Any suggestions. Thanks.

  7. We buy our garbage bags from Costco. Their brand doesn’t have a scent. I checked our Bounty & it doesn’t have a scent either.

  8. Great site.
    I am writing a book of tips for managing in a fragrance-filled world. I have found from twenty five years of bitter personal experience that to a large extent surviving the scents is a matter of dealing with a million little things from getting a tolerable dishwasher soap to knowing what to do when a perfumed friend wants to hug you.
    I’d like to include a link to this site if thats OK . I’m happy to share information.
    I’d like to offer a free copy to anyone who provides me with a tip I haven’t thought of yet.

  9. About plastic garbage bags and paper towels and other paper products like diapers, toilet paper, paper napkins. Even if they are fragrance free to begin with they can pick up smells before they get to you. I find removing them from their wrapping and placing them outside in the sun often helps. Yes, I do occasionally lose some to rain and friends find the toilet paper pretty amusing.And I’ve had what looked like exactly the same unsmelly thing I bought before turn out to have an odor.
    I talked to a representative of Seventh Generation which makes several fragrance free products including paper diapers. They said the diapers (and all paper goods I assume) are stored in warehouses not under their control and can pick up odors there. They make unscented plastic garbage bags too and have had complaints about them arriving smelling “good.” They figure it must happen somewhere between their factory and the final customer.
    I wonder if warehouses and trucking companies and/or supermarkets spray with fragranced pesticides.

  10. Getting things aired out is a problem. I have a sun room that I use as my “airing out” room. It gets very warm and the sun shines directly into the room. If I buy anything new I will place the item in the room until it airs out. The length of time may vary with each item. If I have to buy something new, I will try to purchase it way ahead of time so that it can air out properly. June, I would be interested in contributing anything to your book. Let me know the title etc.

  11. One challenge I have is going into clothing stores. Even large department stores can be hard to handle. Of course, I have to go, but I try to go as least often as possible and not linger too long. This may not be to everyone’s taste, but I shop second hand stores for clothing. There are still perfumy people there, but generally the store isn’t too bad.

  12. The problem with second hand is the perfume of the previous owner. I bought a couple of things last year and had to air them out for quite a while – AFTER washing!

  13. Yes, you are right that is one problem with previously owned clothing. It’s hard to win sometimes. It is true that shopping in general can be a challenge if there are perfumey people around. Also, I have found it very very hard to remove scent from clothes. One friend gave me some clothes, but yikes the perfume smell is terrible. Even if you sew your own clothes, the material smells too.

  14. Movie theartres make me vomit! I can arrive feeling very healthy, but form the moment I sit down I start to feel sick and either have to rush to the bathroom to vomit half way thru or like last night I can make it home beofree vomiting. No other place effects me in this way and I think it must be the air freshner or cleabewrs they use. Have you ever heard of this happening to anyone else?

  15. Wow that’s too bad. Is it every movie theater, or one in particular? Can you detect any particular odor? It could be their cleaners or air freshners as you suspect. You sure have a strong reaction to it. Do you have any other symptoms? I generally have other symptoms that are less drastic, so I haven’t had a vomiting problem. I hope you can figure out the mystery. I send you my sympathy.

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