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Many times, I have found that someone found this blog because they were searching on “Fragrance Free Sign” or “Perfume Free Sign”. I’m happy to announce that now you can find those here! I’ve created a button, magnet or poster through CafePress. Click on on of the images below to go to my shop.

A button – I’m Fragrance Free. Please help keep me that way!

I'm Fragrance Free Button

A magnet – I’m Fragrance Free. Please help keep me that way!

I'm Fragrance Free Button

A keychain – I’m Fragrance Free. Please help keep me that way!

I'm Fragrance Free keychain

Or a Poster
Fragrance Free Zone Poster

Here’s the Text of the Poster:

Fragrance Free Zone

In consideration of those who are sensitive to the chemicals in fragrances, this area has been declared a Fragrance Free Zone.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes in this area. Also, no air fresheners.

The chemicals in these products can affect anyone at anytime causing incapacitating and even disabling illness. Who can be affected by these chemicals?
* People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
* People with migraines
* People with Asthma
* Developing Children – Before and After Birth
* People with COPD or other breathing disorders
* People with Emphysema
* People with Autoimmune Disorders (MS, Lupus, and others)
* People with Allergies and Sinus Headaches
* People with frequent colds or respiratory infections
* People with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADHD
* Formerly Healthy People who’ve been exposed to too many chemicals
* Even YOU!

Want more information?

My plan was to make several posters in different colors, but there’s a limit to what you can do with a basic shop.

If you like them, please let me know. I’ll be designing more products soon.

Uh, Oh! Did you get to here and not see what you wanted? Contact me and I’ll see if I can make it available for you!

Update 08/10/2008: As requested, I have added a variety of t-shirts in Cafe Press. So far, I’ve added 3 designs in a variety of colors and shirt styles. I also added more colors for the posters. I’m working on more that I hope to have up this week. I have at least two more t-shirts planned and some coffee mugs.

Check out my shop: Mariposa Naturals Shop.

13 thoughts on “Fragrance Free Signs”

  1. I would love to see T-shirts. They are big enough so everyone can see what the message is. I have a T-shirt from a different site, and I wear it a lot. This one is much prettier, so I’d probably wear this one a lot more. Great design, I love it!
    Nancy 🙂

  2. How about a tee shirt with
    “Breathe Free or Die”

    simple, to the point, and advertises your web site.

  3. I am so thrilled to see a site like this! Those disabled by unneccessary chemicals need to organize & fight for our rights – and the rights of helpless kids being poisoned unknowingly. A bumpersticker would be awesome.

  4. I would love to have something that I can hand to people whose scents are bothering me. I want them to have a chance to read the message after i am out of sight, and then remember it, and maybe, with any luck, share it with others.

  5. confidential to tess-i was almost hospitalized bcause a friend loved “her bottle”more than me(cologne that is)I pled with her to not put it on until we were in an wide open space,but she tricked me again and again and refused.well this last time I had nasty asthma and was put on Levaquin and predisone. this was my last drug before the hospital. she could afford the 85.00 a bottle stuff and didn’t care that it was poisoning me. we had been best friends for almost 30 years.<but we are no longer friends. I noticed every time I was around her I felt terrible for the next couple of days.she thought I was just faking being sick I guess and said that since I was sick all the time, friendship over.well after this ordeal of this last time I could truthfully say,friendship is really over this time.

  6. You have excellent ideas, but please add laundry product awareness to the list. My experience is that a person with scented laundry products who visits my house even for a short time can leave a scent in a room or whole house for hours.

    I love that we are all educating others!

  7. I agree with Martha, Gain, Gain Unstoppable, Gain Flings, Fabreeze (all products) Dial soap scented. All these things affect my ability to breathe.

  8. I have multiple neighbors (I can’t figure out which ones) that use such strong laundry products that I have to go inside.
    Outdoors should not smell like a detergent aisle in a store!
    When did clean clothes equate to perfumes?!?!?!
    I wish people would understand how sick it makes so many of us.
    I once had to move chairs while under going chemo treatment because a woman was wearing perfume in the chair next to me.

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