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You have to follow this link and read the cartoon. It’s really a matter of point of view what smells bad…

Well, now. Sorry about that. This was a link to a cartoon, but apparently they only keep them up for 30 day. 🙁

Quite a Paradox

One way I have of wasting time is listening to the radio in the morning. The station I listen to has a contest at 7:30 AM called “20 Minute Trivia for the Tired and Brain-dead.” A trivia question is asked and over the course of 20 minutes, people call in trying to guess the answer. It’s never the obvious answers, it’s always the weird ones. If noone gets the answer in 20 minutes, the prize is awarded to the person on the phone when time is up.

This morning’s question was: “According to new research, what is the main reason a woman will wear too much perfume?”

It’s always interesting to hear the banter of the morning DJs. They talked about the women they’ve worked with that you could smell coming. They all agreed that the woman who wore too much perfume was to be avoided. I have to take exception here because men can be just as guilty as women at wearing too much stink.

I was sure that the answer had to be that they could no longer smell it b/c of all the fragrances in their life. I never did get through, and it turns out I was wrong.

The answer? Because they are depressed. It seems, according to this (unidentified) research, you tend to lose your sense of smell when depressed. So to me that seems to create quite a paradox. Someone is depressed, can’t smell, puts on more perfume, everyone avoids the person, they get more depressed, can’t smell, put on MORE perfume, everyone avoids… You get the picture?