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More Moy Grande

It’s funny how once you put something into a web page (blog or otherwise), you learn that many people around the world are searching for that exact term. This happened to me after last Friday’s Moy Grande Hibiscus entry. Lots of people got to this blog because they were searching for that hibiscus. So, I joined them and did my own little search and learned a bit more about this flower.

The Moy Grande Hibiscus is a hybrid developed by Ying Doon Moy, a horticulturist at the San Antonio Botanical Center. He cross-bred a Hibiscus moscheutos hybrid with Hibiscus grandiflorus. The result is the largest, open-faced hibiscus flower in the world. The blooms are reported to be up to 12 inches, although many are a mere 8 – 10 inches.

You can read more at these 2 links:
Texas Giant Hibiscus
Perennial Hibiscus

My Time: 3:45

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Moy Grande Hibiscus

More Friday Fun – Hen and Chick

This plant is called Hen and Chick. We have some in our backyard. My husband’s grandmother had it in her backyard in High Point, North Carolina then took it with her to Florida. He got some of it in Florida and has had it growing for over 20 years! It just grows, doesn’t mind drought, doesn’t mind freezes. I swear it takes over if you let it!

Many thanks Myh for identifying the plant from May 25. She identified it as Sempervivum tectorum and an internet search tells us that both plants are called Hen and Chick. You can read her full comment by following the link.

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Hen and Chick