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Looking for an Answer

A friend of mine, a quilter, was given a bunch of fabric recently. Unfortunately, the previous owner of the fabric was a heavy smoker. So, all the fabric reeks. She’s tried washing using baking soda and vinegar and still the smells persist. She doesn’t want to put it in the sun for fear it would fade unevenly.

If you know of a product or method that will remove smoke odors from fabric, please leave a comment below.

Non-Toxic Housecleaning

I just found this article online that should be helpful to many of us. I always see suggestions to use vinegar in cleaning, but this article – Good Housecleaning: Five Non-Toxic, Get-the-Dirt Out Basicsa by Annie Berthold-Bond includes her seven favorite recipes. I especially liked her recommendation:

My rule of thumb about nontoxic cleaning is this: use only ingredients that have been used without harm for so many years that they are “generally regarded as safe”; otherwise they would have long since been abandoned.

I think my favorite is her oven cleaning as I’ve been struggling with how to clean our oven lately.

Gotta run for now so I can print the article!