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Fragrance Free Thirty Day Challenge

Here’s a challenge for everyone reading this blog. Make an attempt to free your life of fragrances for thirty days. You have a couple of days to prepare and could start on September 1st and continue throughout the month.

Why go Fragrance Free?

The chemicals in the modern fragrance are harmful to many people:
* People with MCS
* People with migraines
* People with Asthma
* Developing Children – Before and After Birth
* People with COPD or other breathing disorders
* People with Emphysema
* People with Autoimmune Disorders (MS, Lupus, and others)
* People with Allergies and Sinus Headaches
* People with frequent colds or respiratory infections
* People with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADHD
* Formerly Healthy People who’ve been exposed to too many chemicals

You could be doing a friend or neighbor a favor.

Or, you could find out that health issues, even allergies are related to the fragrances in your world. For instance, I’ve read many places that what most people call a sinus headache is really a migraine. I have a personal theory that more headaches and migraines are triggered by fragrance chemicals than anyone really knows.

Over time, your own body may have become acclimated to the fragrances it is exposed to. The actual term for this is masking. So that, having been away from fragrances for a while, you may find that your own body isn’t tolerating them as well as you thought.

Why take the Fragrance Free Thirty Day Challenge? Why Not? Why not see if you find that you feel better without the fragrance chemicals in your life? You could be helping yourself or your family. You’ll definitely be helping the environment and our water supply.

How do I go Fragrance Free?

Good Question. And you’ll find it isn’t as easy as you might think.

Here’s some tips:

Personal Products

(See this post for some recommended products: Fragrance Free Personal Care

Fragrance Free Shampoo and Conditioner: If you can, that is. I have to go to a health food type store to get mine.

Fragrance Free Soap: I love Kiss My Face’s Olive Oil Soap. It’s ingredient list is only four items: Saponified Olive Oil, Water, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid. Because it lacks any coloring agents, the bars from different batches come in slightly different shades of green. But, so what?

Hair Care – Mousse and Hair Spray: You’ll probably have to make a choice here. To go totally fragrance free, you may have to not use these products. Kiss My Face has an Upper Management Styling Gel. It has grapefruit oil in it, which gives it a scent – but it’s natural.

Remember – Many “brand name” products have something called a “masking fragrance” in them. They are just as bad (maybe worse) as those with an actual scent in them. It’s not really the scent but the chemicals that are the issue. Again, we get to the question of what it is they are trying to “mask” – likely even worse chemicals.


I have one warning for you on this: you will likely continue to have fragrances emitting from washed items. I’m told that it can take 20-30 washings to get the fragrances out of clothing. I don’t have much personal experience with that as I’ve used unscented laundry detergents forever. And I’ve never used “fabric softeners” or scented dryer sheets. I do know that my dad gave my husband some socks. We washed them several times and the fragrance remained. (I’ve always been baffled that men endure clothing that smells like that anyway.)

Who knows, you could be helping a neighbor without realizing it. A lot of fragrance chemical wind up in the air whenever you dry clothes that have been laundered with scented detergents or if you use scented fabric softener or dryer sheets.

For specifics on laundry, see My Laundry Recipe.

Dry Cleaning

One Word: Fuhgeddaboudid.

Unless you know of a green dry cleaner (they are hard to find), then you’ll either have to not wear anything dry-cleaned, or continue to have chemicals on your body.

Household Cleaning

See these 2 posts:

Fragrance Free Household Cleaners
More Tips on Fragrance Free Household Cleaners

Are you up for the Fragrance Free Thirty Day Challenge?

If you’re going to try it, please leave a comment.

If you have questions, leave a comment for those too. I’ll try to answer them.

Already Fragrance Free? Leave a note for those taking the challenge.

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