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Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, this is NOT an abandoned blog. Yes, it’s a little dusty and some cobwebs have moved in, but it still has an owner who cares. It’s just that I have chosen to work on other things for the past year or so.

So, what’s brought me out of hiding? It started with a text message I got from my husband on Monday morning, telling me about a story on the radio about the city of Detroit requiring employees to not wear fragrances. He mentioned that the report was rather snarky.

So I listened, and listened. Never heard about it on the radio news. I did hear about it via Mark Steyn and of course he was snarky, too. Normally I enjoy Mark Steyn. I forgave him though. There are just so many people that are ignorant on the Truth about Fragrances. It’s a hard job to educate the world, right?

I finally asked Google about it. Oddly, on Monday the only news I could find was out of the UK. I did find one story in the US on Fox News, but I was amazed at how quiet everyone was about it.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, follow this link for info on the Susan McBride lawsuit.

I cheered to learn she had won, but I wonder how she really feels about it. It’s still an uphill battle, I’m sure.

I’m often appalled at just how cruel people can be about things they don’t understand. I’ve had a few comments on this blog lately that I haven’t published. I feel like I should address them, but they are just so cruel and insensitive.

I would really like to hear from Susan herself to hear what she has to say about it all.

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9 thoughts on “Susan McBride – Updated”

  1. I heard about this case from my boyfriend who drives truck cross country….so I tried to find the attornie that represented Susan in a web search and found this page. I’m trying to find help for a simular experiance. Sorry for the length but here gos….I’m a Vet Tech have been for 30 years (at least same field) I work with and now rescue many differant animals, from dogs and cats to horses goats llamas….. A local Vet came to my home and asked my to work for her 3 years ago…I agreed but told her that I’m legaly blind in one eye, allergic to rabbits, had a slipped disk in my back, and a 7 inch metal plate and screws in my left arm leaing it weak. She did not care about these issues just wanted an experianced Vet Tech to help her out….I worked for her for 3 years exactly. She fired my because she took in a rabbit as a patient, ok I staied away from it as much as possible for the first 1-2 weeks, taking allergie med’s and using my inhaler as needed. Then when the owner released the rabbit to her my co-worker who was threatend my my experiance and did not want me working there slowly started exposing me more and more to the rabbit. I complaind daily, kept med’s close at hand, washed my face hands and arms all the time. But I found out after about a month the co-worker started letting the rabbit run lose in the clinic everyday before I got in. My allergies were horrible and she and my boss refused to do anything. Now remember, this rabbit had no owner and my boss admitted if the rabbit lived at her house it would be dinner as they eat their rabbits. But the rabit remained for several months dispite my complaints and mssing work, dr’s visits for increased blood preassure form the med’s…There are more details, but I’ve written too much already. So Needless to say when I complained in writting my boss fired me. No cause which was determined in unemployment court. But now I have no job in a depreassed market, no Vet because my boss was my Vet and supposidly my friend! If perfume can be an allergin the requires bosses to be aware and use caution, then what about known and disclosed allergies? Oh yea i also have a Latex allergie that she knew about and did everything in her power to make sure I was NOT exposed to from day one. I’ve tried to find an attornie with no luck, live in Nebraska. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi,

    You have an important blog. Fragrances are a big, big issue but many need to be educated. Use of fragrances does cause development of allergies and asthma in some and the chemicals used in fragrances are an environmental and public health problem. Quite simply, fragrances are a public health and an environmental problem and need to be banned.

    As to the mud thrown your way occassionally — it is helpful to remember mud is a beauty treatment.

  3. Hi I am very happy to find this. I worked in an old building that was having constuction work done and developed what most refer to as MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensevities. This was in 1994 – I tried to continue to work until 1996. Since then I have been on disability because it just got worse. I moved to a small town in TN to be near my parents and was able to go into the City Hall here at first to attend meetings because of my concerns for many things here. The mayor made it clear he did not appreciate my concerns or input. He even told me to leave town in one of the City Council meetings. Suddenly City Hall was full of candles – which made it impossible for me to go there. Giving them the benefit of the doubt they were not aware of the my condition I sent a certified letter to the mayor and city attorney requesting they remove them in accordance with the civil disabilities act. Actually, it got worse. There are many many other issues involved in my dealings with the city here equally as disturbing. The law has nothing to do with the legal system here – it is still the “good old boy” and I do mean “boy” system here. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you – Donna

  4. I am testing to see how this works because I just wrote a long explanation of the EEO process, the Susan McBride Case, etc. and I am the Government version with an ongoing case being investigated.
    But I pushed the submit comment button before entering the word spaghetti at the bottom of the page. OK I will enter the word spaghetti first and then press submit button to see how this works.

  5. Hi I am dying to see the post about the EEO case etc. I am going to hearing stage with an EEO case for a fragrance free workplace accommodation and need all the help I can get.

  6. I have a life long allergy to fragrances. Perfume is fragrance so don’t forget. I have been battling workplace over perfuming since 2008 – the year I had to go back to work as an employee after closing both of our businesses. I guess people think those allergic or sensitive to fragrance are freaks. The fragrance is getting stronger, lasts longer and is found in more places. Instead of going after the “over-perfumer” perhaps we should be going to war with the fragrance manufacturer and the end product producer. Just like M&M coatings are causing health issues and the M&M manufacturer is held accountable – bad press with the mfg will expose the truth. When celebrities endorse a fragranced product, write a letter expressing your opinion about the health issues. Perhaps the celebrity will not want their name associated with a health hazard. Downy and Gain laundry products are enemy #1 with me. Take a look at the 2010 Scientific presentation to Congress and the evidence is clearly spelled out. Talk to your Congressional representative to point out the problem. Lets get this scientific evidence out there for the public to see. There needs to be public exposure. The public needs to understand fragrance manufacturers are poisoning us and making money hand over fist. Recently I read from a reliable source that scientists believe fragrance use is an addiction. Are the manufacturers putting chemicals into their product which are addictive or is the addiction a mental disorder? Lets get busy and make some noise. I am considered an American with a disability under the ADA (we have to be able to breathe). Breathing is a protected major life function. The Obama Administration is promoting ADA accommodation to those Americans with Disabilities so we can be employed without be discriminated against and without being made ill. We qualify. Lets all write a letter to the 1st Lady and the President to see if they can help us make changes.

  7. Also a lifetime allergy sufferer, and very curious to see how this all plays out with fragrances in the workplace and the ADA. I’d be willing to testify on behalf of those who deal with fragrance “assault” in the workplace.

  8. Just came across this site while searching for scent free signs..
    It is so nice to know someone cares..
    I have suffered at work and out about from very rude inconsiderate people. I have so wanted to take fellow employees and companies to court…but walked away from my jobs, all the time sad that I had to leave my work when financially I could not afford to.
    I have spent many hours and days in the hospital due to allergic reactions to scents of all forms.
    They are all toxic to everyone and everything!
    Please continue your work, I truly applaud you.
    And wishing everyone success to those who have taken on the law….I’m behind you all the way!

  9. Hi Loretta, Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry that you, too, are having to go through this. I do wish there was a good solution. Raising awareness, I believe, is a big part of making a change. You may want to check out my new site: