News on Susan McBride Lawsuit

I’ve been busy with work lately so it may seem that I’ve nearly abandoned this blog. But I haven’t. My hubby spied this article for me: Judge says perfume lawsuit can proceed. Sounds like it will be a real long haul – it’s already been a year and 4+ months! One step at a time.

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8 thoughts on “News on Susan McBride Lawsuit”

  1. 😥 Well Found a place to relate to people like me, My work has had me off with pay, long story because I have excerbation of asthma there, said I was a liability, I have been off since last aug, large company i dont lnow what to do cause me to have anxierty attack there at, work, stress,I have taken pills for that they have sent me to drs but never paid my bill since i was pulled off the line to discuss my health, i never asked no-one for help just have my attack and deal with what comes later, if even it was a ambulance I don’t think they have a right to treat me like this…sorry venting I get upset just discussing it I just wanted to work not be paid full wages to stay home

  2. 🙁 well they said since i would not sign some papers i would be put on unpaid leave, nowhere to turn crying……..

  3. Linda, I’m so sorry to hear your job is threatening to put you on unpaid leave. Are you seeing a doctor for your anxiety? I would recommend getting your health issues on record. And you may want to contact a lawyer to find out your legal rights, especially if you don’t understand what they want you to sign. Hope you’re well, Jasmine.

  4. 💡 Well is a fact now, I have been put on unpaid leave now I’ll takes my steps, being a large company, you have to follow the procedures and such even though you aren’t being paid. I was put on unpaid leave of absence starting March 7, 2009. I have been made to stay home with pay since August 14, 2009. I am asthmatic with excerbation of symtoms brung on by smell goods worn by others at my workplace. And yes, attacks can be very severe, to the point of being nearly intubated as stated by the old OHN we had has stated. I have been asked and to my oppinion trying ti be tricked to sign an acknowledgement that would give up my benefits as others have there and I still have, It states that I would be solely responsible for all workplace smells including personal hygiene smells, I will not give my benefits and privaledges up.We have discussed and I do have in writing that they are willing to implement a Limited policy But I am told, to have it I have to sign the solely responsible papers, which I have always refused to sign. well Now i have to start the dispute resolution about my pay being took away, The only 2 reasons that is suppose to happen is if I ask for a unpaid leave of absence or I was being disciplined, Need lots a prayers. Thaks for listening.And No I did not use any FMLA or vacation, while I was off with pay at thier request, when They threw me into anxiety and depression I was told they did not want me too because they were paying me to be off anyways. ❓ that was right after this all started.

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