Perfume and Fragrance Exposure During Pregnancy

I recently received an email from Richard Pressinger. He sent me a link to his web site – He also pointed me to a section on Perfume and Fragrance Exposure During Pregnancy and Learning Disability Research Web Site.

This is all very interesting to me because it supports my own hypothesis that the chemical pollution in our environment is severely impacting the future of our country. I wonder what else we’ll find before we decide to stop their use?

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One thought on “Perfume and Fragrance Exposure During Pregnancy”

  1. I am a strong believer that these chemical exposures and second hand smoke contribute to learning disabilities if exposed during pregnancy. I 24 years old and have spent a life time suffering not knowing what was wrong with me. Around junior high was when I first started to notice the cologne bothering me. But didn’t actually believe it my self untill about 4 or 5 years ago. I am told I am OCD which could be true but that is the least of my problems now. I have got a domestic violence from trying to get my dad to understand I am not a drug addict, that all of my symptoms where from fragrances and that they are every where. It is sad that I am labled a violent person when in all reality I am probably one of the nicer and most understanding people around.

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