Oh, The Irony

Tuesday’s post was actually written last week. So I found it interesting that the Cathy comic on Sunday addressed the same topic.

I’m not sure how long the comic will be up, so I’ll describe it here. Cathy and her girlfriends are at a restaurant. The waitress asks “What will you have?” The first 3 ladies say “Diet Soda!” But the last lady announces that she no longer drinks diet soda. She goes on to tell the group that the aspartame in diet soda has been linked to migraines, panic attacks, seizures, skin problems, weight gain, intestinal disorders, lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, blindness and death! At that point, Cathy escorts her away from their table. And they start over. And again they each order diet soda. And then from another table, the fourth lady says, “Also denial and memory loss.”

I’m not trying to say that I’m any better than any of them. I’ve been as guilty as anyone of continuing habits that I know are bad for me. It’s just part of human nature, it seems. If it’s something we like or we perceive is good, then no amount of evidence will change it. It seems the only time we change those bad habits is when they threaten our health. (Even then, we don’t always heed the warnings.)

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