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Recently, I found the Chemical Sentivity Foundation. This organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation whose primary goal is to raise public awareness about multiple chemical sensitivity.

There’s a lot of good information here. Especially the short documentary produced/directed by Alison Johnson that is titled Chemical Sensitivity: A 15-Minute Introduction. In the documentary are stories told by several workers that responded after the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center. It’s not surprising, at least to many of us, to learn that many people that responded to the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent clean up are now dealing with MCS. You can also read the transcript of the documentary, although it’s much more interesting to watch the video. It lets us all know that these are real people suffering from real problems.

I encourage you to visit this site and watch the short recording. Also, have the people in your life watch it too. It really helps you to see what a problem this is.

This has brought to mind a question for visitors to the site. Many people who have MCS can trace their health issues to a specific incident or exposure to chemicals. I’ve tried myself and am not really sure, since it goes back to when I was 16 and I didn’t know the full nature of the problem until over 30 years later. But, I do recall one incident that may have been the start of it all. I have a brother who is 6 years younger than I. When I was 16, we didn’t exactly get along (that’s putting it mildly). I can recall one time that he literally poured a bottle of my perfume out in my bedroom. While I can’t recall exactly when that happened, it was in the right time frame.

What about you? Is there a specific incident or exposure that you can trace you MCS back to?

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  1. I caught pneumonia and laryngitis on June 1st 2004. Basically my voice never recovered and my issues with scents and chemicals went into overdrive. Before that date, I had some problems with cleaning products but nothing serious. After I got sick, everything set me off. I was a photo lab technician for 10 years and I think that exposure to chemicals had weakened my lungs. I hadn’t worked in a photo lab for about 4 years when I got sick. But when I caught pneumonia for the 2nd time in 2 years, they could no longer take the stress.

  2. For me I had been working at a hairdresser’s for 2 years, then painting houses, there was a gas leak in my apt, at the hospital they just gave me ativan and sent me home. Dr only gave me antideppressants which made me MUCH sicker… ETC! What are people’s thoughts on candida? I’ve heard of people who killed it off getting cured of their MCS??

  3. In my case I used to do janitorial work stripping/and waxing floors with very very harsh chemicals. We also remodeled our house and lived in it. I also got exposed to gas leak. I first noticed it with new carpet and from then on it snowballed into perfumes and all other fragrances and chemicals. Since people are discussing correlations of illnesses. I also have hypothyroidism and wonder if that also may be a connection.
    The three things I found that I need to do is 1. limit exposure to chemicals (hard to accomplish) and 2. build up my immune system 3. get rid of toxins from my body.
    Nothing has worked but I keep trying. I tried to only eat organic foods for a while (very expensive). I tried using a dry sauna to sweat out toxins (I typically am very cold natured so I don’t sweat very much). I’m taking vitamins from a health place. I tried taking zeolite and it seemed to work at first a bit. Anyone else try these things?

  4. I have always been chemical sensitive. Never knew it had a name until now. As a young child it was always perfume, but over the years, I have become aware that all chemicals bother me. New cars, carpet, cleaners, natural and propane gases. Just about everything. It is better now than it was 50 yrs ago. At least people are more aware of it now and most groups request no perfumes. But they forget about hairspray, deodorant or almost worse than anything lotions. Even the ‘hypoallergic’ stuff. I now have an ‘unknown autoimmune’ disorder (well I know) chronic pain, fatique, just about everything on the list. I don’t know, I am just beginning my journey, but I can’t even get my hubby on board. Good luck to everyone.

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