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Recently, Voiceless Wonder wrote a post titled Shave and a haircut… She had just visited dtox Natural Hair & Skin Care located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. dtox is owned by Ashley Smith who suffers with MCS herself, hence her concern with the chemicals. She now runs the salon out of her own home.

I long for such a place. I have someone that cuts my hair. She does a wonderful job. But she works in a larger salon, so there are lots of smells to deal with. I used to have my hair shampooed there, bringing my own shampoo. But even the towels had a scent – from the laundry. I even carry my own spray bottle with water in it. The ones at the salon, being plastic, have absorbed all the odors in the salon, so even the water smells. The salon I go to is closed on Sunday and Monday. So I got on Tuesday morning, when there are just a few people there and very few chemicals have been sprayed.

I’m in and out in 20 minutes usually. I only get a hair cut though. Between MCS and allergies, I’m unable to even think about doing anything else. From South Texas, anywhere in Canada is too far for me to travel for a haircut. But still it’s tempting…

How do you cope with hair cuts and such? Do you know of other places like dtox?

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  1. I cut my own hair, and I’m getting better at it! Even before my MCS got worse, I did this because even in cheap salons, everyone had an attitude. But now, I suspect I wouldn’t be able to withstand being in a place that used so many chemicals simultaneously. And because of SLS and other harmful chemicals in shampoos, I no longer use shampoo – just water or baking soda and vinegar(not combined). Or soap and a vinegar rinse.

  2. Thanks for the “shout-out”! I hear you about getting your hair done. Where I am in eastern Canada, there isn’t anywhere I can safely so which was why I hadn’t been able to get a haircut in 4 years. Sadly my trip to dtox was a once in a lifetime event but I will cherish those 2 hours for many years to come. 2,000 miles is a long way to travel for a haircut but to be “normal” for 2 hours made the trip well worth it.

    I have found someone in Ottawa willing to come to my home and use my safe products to cut my hair and Ashley even gave my the name of the hair colour she used so I am currently looking for it here in hopes of maybe one day getting my hair done again. Maybe you could try asking your hair stylist if s/he would be wiling to come to your home to cut your hair if you paid them a little extra. It’s worth a shot to ask. Good Luck!

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