Kid-Safe Chemicals Act

Last week, Catherine over at Breathez wrote about the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act.

Here’s a summary of the act:

  • requires that industrial chemicals be safe for infants, kids and other vulnerable groups
  • requires that new chemicals be safety tested before they are sold
  • requires chemical manufacturers to test and prove that the 62,000 chemicals already on the market that have never been tested are safe in order for them to remain in commerce
  • requires EPA to review “priority” chemicals, those which are found in people, on an expedited schedule
  • requires regular biomonitoring to determine what chemicals are in people and in what amounts
  • requires regular updates of health and safety data and provides EPA with clear authority to request additional information and tests
  • provides incentives for manufacturers to further reduce health hazards
  • requires EPA to promote safer alternatives and alternatives to animal testing
  • protects state and local rights
  • requires that this information be publicly available

The numbers reported are frightening. Babies are born pre-polluted with up to 300 industrial chemicals. And over 455 chemicals have been identified in humans. And we really have no idea how these chemicals affect the human body.

Catherine brings up a good point. By focusing on children, it should help gain support for this act.

I’ll be following this act, too. It’s way overdue.

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One thought on “Kid-Safe Chemicals Act”

  1. Thanks for posting this on your blog too. The more interest we can generate in this the better. There is hope that we can make the world a safer place for the next generation(s).

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