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This blog has made it to the big time. No, not the cover of the Rolling Stone. It’s the Fashion & Style section of the New York Times: Sickened by the Office (Really)! Breathe Free is mentioned in the seventh paragraph on page 2. (Hopefully they won’t make you log in, but their registration is free and they’re pretty low key about mailing you stuff.)

If you’re looking for the discussions mentioned in the article, follow this Susan McBride Lawsuit link.

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6 thoughts on “Susan McBride Update”

  1. I just found you via a Time mag blog. I have a number of friends with ‘chemical sensitivity’ so your blog interests me.

  2. I was glad to see this topic finally get coverage in the mainstream news. It’s like they feel it’s acceptable to link to a blog about it, but not take a stand on their own, which might offend sponsors or readers.

  3. I too am living this nightmare. It use to be
    that my throat would close up and I’d get
    a pain in my chest like someone was sitting on it. But after months of having to have I.V. treatments with other patients who had
    on lotions. laundry soap etc. Even tho I was
    using oxygen. I moved to a new level . Now my eyes swell shut. That blew my theory of holding my breath when I moved around in public when confronted with a strong fragrance. I now must leave as
    quickly as I can before I swell up and
    can’t breath. If I sit in a seat that someone with heavy fragrance has sat I must throw those clothes away. No manner of washing, vinegar,borax,will remove it.
    And I don’t have to smell it first to react. People don’t realize it is the chemical not necessarily the odor that
    causes the reactions. I am now
    isolated in a room by myself because even
    the doctors were horrified by my face. Yet still I react because it gets in the air system. I have been told by the place I’ve lived for 10 years that the can’t handle people like me. and have refused to renew my lease. A clear disability violation. Yet I can get no lawyer to handle my case, even tho I have several
    doctors who will confirm this. I live in florida if anyone can help me. Please post a comment. I am battling mycroplasma pneumonia which makes my reaction to fragrance and chemicals even more severe.
    The added stress of trying to find a “New” place that has not been smoked in, had fragrance etc. Is tremendous. Please post comments . thank you.

  4. Jean

    Any news on waht’s gong on with the McBride/Detroit suit? Any court date?

    I work for a large firm which a large number of people running around who smell like walking cat-houses. You never know what reaction you are going to get when someone finds out that the reason I have my fan on is not that I’m “menopausal,” but that I get migraines and nausea from the chemical smog some of them give off. When I was in another department and asked to be moved further from a woman who gave off fumes that would clean an oven, the supervisor offered me help in finding another job. Recently, when the subject came up, one young girl who barely knows me seems to have stopped wearing her perfume. Meanwhile, another woman – who is a trained nurse who should know better and who, I thought, was my friend – seems to have doubled her dousage.

    Usually, I’m successful in controlling things with my fan. I don’t if others smear themselves with acetone, ethanol and formaldehyde every day as long as I don’t have to inhale it. But some people seem to take it personally and just can’t leave it alone.

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