Whole Foods Rocks!

At first I wasn’t so fond of Whole Foods. Mainly because their prices are high. But that’s a fact of buying organic and buying the lesser known brands. When I first learned to really like them was when I learned that they don’t carry anything containing MSG or nitrates. That’s actually a very small subset of the items they don’t allow, but those 2 are important to me because they trigger migraines in me. Finally I had a place that I could buy soups and salad dressings and lunch meats and bacon and the occasional pepperoni without worry.

I also now use them for a lot of other products – especially cleaning and personal care products.

This past weekend I was there looking for my shampoo. I’ve used Earth Sciences for years. They make a fragrance free one that truly has no added fragrance of any kind.

Couldn’t find it. I typically forget that name and just look for the bottle. While looking, I found a “365 Everyday Value” Shampoo that is fragrance free. “365 Everyday Value” is Whole Foods own brand and tends to be a lot cheaper. A Whole Foods employee came up to me to see if she could help me. I told her what I had been looking for. She asked me what the bottle looked like. Then she showed me where that shampoo was. They had totally changed their packaging. Instead of a green rectangular bottle, it was now in a white tear shaped bottled.

But by then I was more interested in the Whole Foods brand. She said they make shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and shower gels. They come in scented varieties, but also in truly fragrance free varieties. The label says they are specially formulated with 100% natural, biodegradable ingredients; free of parabens, animal ingredients, artificial fragrance and unnecessary chemicals. And they are not tested on animals.

The Whole Foods brand items are reasonably priced. In fact, I wound up saving a TON of money:

The Earth Sciences I used to by (the green bottle) was $5.99 for 17 oz. OR $ .35 per ounce.

Their new, improved bottle is only 12 oz and cost $6.49 OR a whopping $ .54 per ounce.

The shampoo I bought was 32 oz. for $4.99 == $ .1559 per ounce!

So, Earth Sciences new label resulted in lost sales for them.

Now, if only Whole Foods would start carrying items with reduced sodium…

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  1. We don’t have Whole Foods here in Montana, but when I visit my daugher in Virginia, I go to one there. I also have celiac disease, and they have wonderful gluten free baked goods. I also have used some of their own brands, and they are great.

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