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I’ve suspected for quite a while that the perfume issue was getting out of hand. More and more when I go out in public (which, btw, I do less and less), I wind up coming home reeking of all the other perfumes worn by other people. It is in my hair and on my clothes. I have been known to change my clothes and even wash my hair during the day because of this.

Well, this is an email from someone with no health issues from fragrances, just is offended by their overuse.

I don’t think I am “chemically sensitive” in a medical way. I just really hate stinky perfumes! Even though it does feel as though it gets up my nose, but I don’t actually get a headache from it. So many people think they should load on the fragrance whether they are going to the office or to the theater. What is the best thing to say? You can’t say “Boy, that’s a horrid, stinky scent you’re wearing!” How about “Oh, I’m sorry, but that heavy perfume you have on is too overpowering to me, so could you not come so close?” What if the person is your supervisor????

I’ve always wished I could just have a sneezing fit on demand. Or perhaps a coughing fit? Sadly, I’ve not found a nice way to tell someone that they reek. And it always seems that those who wear the most are the easiest offended. I can certainly sympathize with this reader though. And you really do have to tread lightly when it’s your supervisor.

Anyone have a good suggestion for this person? You’d be helping a lot of people. I know b/c quite a few people find this blog by posing a question like that in Google!

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  1. I wish I had suggestions, but I’m just chiming in here that I’m in the same boat — I almost WISH I broke out in hives; then my management would be more likely to DO something about the offender. I know exactly who she is — every morning, when I come in the break room to get my coffee, I can tell if she’s been there. Don’t these people know that their fragrance overuse just makes the rest of us suspect that they’re covering up some REAL body odor?? And, personally, I’d rather smell THAT than some flowery crap that follows me when I leave the room.

  2. I have MCS. The following products are overwhelming for me: Carpeting, Paint, Outdoor Caulking. I wouldn’t want to be near someone wearing perfume, but it isn’t something that I’m extremely sensitive to, unless I’ve recently been exposed to things that I *am* sensitive to and then I become extremely sensitive to other things like perfume as well. One time after a recent exposure to something that I was sensitive to, I had to walk out of a realtor’s office and wait outside instead because of the loud,all pervasive,overwhelming perfume scent,inside. I even told the receptionist that the reason I had to wait outside was because of the perfume. I live in the NYC vicinity. I rarely encounter anyone in restaurants(I only go to vegetarian ones, though) or on buses and trains that wear perfume. Either I’m not noticing it or it is less of a problem in the East then compared with the Southwest.

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