Fragrance Free Course For Nurses!

A regular commentator to this blog, Linda, sent me some information on a free online course for nurses:

Fragrance Free! Creating a Safe Healthcare Environment — 1.2 Contact Hours

The goal of this program is to ensure a therapeutic environment in which the patient and the nurse can interact, as well as to create a healthy workplace in which employees can practice.

Course Description: Chemical fragrances may seem like a natural part of modern American life, but in fact, they are anything but natural.

These petroleum-based products, many of which contain known carcinogens, are produced with virtually no regulation by the FDA, and their widespread use is turning the modern health care environment-and the rest of the world-into Chemical Soup. Fragrance Free! looks at the hidden costs of chemical fragrance use in the health care industry, including the growth of allergies and potentially debilitating conditions such as chemical sensitivity.

The course discusses how to recognize the beginnings of chemical sensitivity, while offering alternatives to fragranced produces and common sense steps to reduce chemical fragrances in the health care environment.

Nurses and LPN’s are taking it. Credits are good across the US.

I think it should be required by all nursing professionals. I have a friend who is a retired nurse. She taught nursing also. She said that she was taught NOT to wear any fragrances around patients. Too bad they don’t teach that anymore! I had an experience a few years back with that. I was in hospital being treated for my migraines – for which the primary trigger is fragrances. One of the main nurses literally reeked w/ perfume. She was sweet as could be, but I always cringed when she came in b/c it was sheer torture to smell that perfume.

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