A Fresh Broom?

Just when you think there’s nothing else they can add fragrance to:

This story was in our local paper the other day. In the “Life” section under the heading of Consumer’s Edge. (Consumer’s Edge seems to be where they advertise products by publishing info. from company press releases.)

It seems that two companies (who shall remain nameless so that I don’t give them any publicity) have gotten together and come up with a broom that has an air freshener attached. Their claiming it has a “fresh scent”. One of the company representatives was quoted as saying, “The (aforementioned, unnamed broom) brings true innovation to the broom category, with a clear understandable and detectable benefit to the consumer.” Oh, and it only costs $11.99!

True innovation? I don’t think so. It may be detectable, but it is neither understandable nor a benefit. Just another way to pollute your home environment.

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