It has been suggested to me on many occasions that I would benefit from massage. Some have said it would help my migraines. Others have said it would help with my neck pain. And many have told me that it would help with stress!

But I was always hesitant. To tell the truth, I imagined that there would be a lot of fragrances in such a place. You know, they certainly have a lot of laundry. Plus aromatherapy. And I was sure all the oils or lotions were scented – mainly b/c I have such a difficult time finding unscented ones myself. Plus it seemed they would always be burning incense or candles.

Then, in October I had lunch w/ someone who told of her recent first massage. She said there were no perfumes that she noticed. Which sounded good. Except that those that live in the scented world don’t have as keen of a nose for detecting perfumes. Still, I was interested and more tempted.

As it happened, just a few weeks after that, I was given a gift certificate to the same massage place. (Thanks, sis!) She correctly assumed that I had a wee bit too much stress and would benefit from massage. I finally took the plunge last week and it was great.

The room I was in had a burning candle – which I noticed immediately. I asked the massage therapist if we could put it out. Well, she put it out and moved the candle to the break room. But there really were no fragrances there! As I talked with the therapist, I learned that they actually ASK the therapist not to wear perfume. And they are asked to wear/use only unscented products. Who knew? It was truly amazing. A bit of fragrance free heaven and a massage to boot!

I’m going back real soon!

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  1. I had a wonderful massage therapist who I saw every week as I have the kind body that tightens up easily. I was a professional photographer, carrying all kinds of heavy equipment so I really needed the treatment. (I was also constantly exposed to all kinds of fragrance–which is why I am no longer a working photographer)The massage therapist worked from his home and used fabric softner. The house reeked of it.
    I brought my own sheets but two problems evolved. One was that I could not get the fabric softner out of my sheets and, much worse, I became more sensitive to fabric softner. Luckily he moved to a less stinky location. I bought a youth bed mattress cover with waterproof lining (which fortunately didn’t smell) I used this on his table with a beach towel over it and a different sheet. He was really good about folding up the mattress cover with the lining inside and putting it into a double plastic bag for me. He would even take care that the right plastic bag went inside against the mattress cover. He also switched to a non-fragranced fabric softner. (Why will people never give up that toxic stuff?)
    I suspect that in spite of the fragrance issues, in the long run, years of deep tissue massage helped me with the MCS.

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