Tennis Balls And Laundry

I’ve been using crumpled aluminum balls in the dryer for a couple of years now. They work to eliminate static, but they do have drawbacks. You wind up finding aluminum balls in your pockets, pillow cases, etc. Plus small pieces of aluminum break off and get everywhere. And they are noisy.

I read recently that tennis balls could do the same thing. I found two that were abandoned by the cat. So I threw them in the dryer recently and the worked wonderfully! Even better than aluminum. And they haven’t turned up in a pocket yet! And yes, 2 tennis balls in the dryer are noisy, but not near as noisy as the aluminum balls!

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2 thoughts on “Tennis Balls And Laundry”

  1. I haven’t found a “safe” non-toxic tennis ball yet that would not contaminate my laundry. Some of them are REALLY stinky, and heating them up could transfer whatever they’re made of to your stuff. Not to mention they are really dirty when my dog finds them in the park…
    There are re-useable non-chemical dryer sheets called StaticEliminator sheets, maybe others on the market now too… but you don’t need them unless you have synthetic materials. The only cottons I’ve ever had get static, weren’t really all cotton.

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