Some People Do Get It

It is difficult for MCS sufferers to have friends over or to visit other people. While you would like to see friends and family, you also have to watch out for your health. The reactions I’ve gotten from friends and family are quite mixed.

I have one friend who makes sure she hasn’t washed her hair the same day that we get together for lunch. My step-daughter went out of her way to make sure there were no fragranced products in use during our visit to her house. It helped a lot that her husband has a problem with fragrances as well. She didn’t have any fragranced laundry products.

Others can’t or won’t make an accommodation. I can live with that, as long as they are honest and upfront about it. That’s better than being surprised to learn that an overnight guest has used fragranced products that remain behind in carpet and bedding for weeks after the guest has gone.

Recently, I had a very pleasant experience. The sister of a good friend had us all to dinner while my friend was in town. She asked a bunch of questions about fragranced products and even what I could and could not eat. It made for a pleasant evening without a migraine. She had just bought her house and gave us “the tour”. I could smell the leavings from her plug in “air fresheners” in some rooms, but that was about it. It’s nice when people get it.

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