Counters And Flooring for MCS Sufferers

This week is a little different from my normal tips. I’m actually seeking information.

We need to replace the counter tops in our kitchen, badly. They currently are ceramic tile and are 25 or so years old. And the grout shows it. In looking around, we’ve looked at granite but have been told it needs to be resealed every year or so. So that’s out because I couldn’t handle the chemical fumes. So, does anyone have recommendations of reasonably priced counter tops that won’t be toxic?

We’re also looking at some aging carpet that needs to be replaced. In 1992, I bought a new house which, of course, had all new carpet. I was miserable for a month. And it is worse now. So, carpet is out. Actually, I like the look of wood floors, as long as the glue isn’t toxic.

Any suggestions?

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3 thoughts on “Counters And Flooring for MCS Sufferers”

  1. I don’t THINK that you have to glue down wood floors – I believe that they have “floating floors”. But, my brother-in-law used to lay floors.
    As for countertops – you could always look at corian… I don’t believe it needs any maintenance at all? I can ask my brother-in-law about that too and I’ll let you know.
    But, I actually like tile countertops – you know that you can “paint” the grout, right?

  2. It’s true you don’t need to glue wood floors, but there is glue in some wood floor products when you buy them. The fumes from that will off-gas in your home for a long time.

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