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I may have mentioned previously that I have not been successful in finding a “good” fragrance free deodorant. I’ve tried a couple by Kiss My Face. One didn’t work well at all for me, the other is “OK”.

KMF’s products are all natural and organic. I’ve seen them change their products in the past few years in an effort to be natural. For example, I once used their Active Enzyme Fragrance Free Stick Deodorant with great success. But then they took out the Parabens and the Propylene Glycol and it no longer worked for me.

My husband has used Old Spice for years. It has a fragrance, but it doesn’t last for long. Although who knows how long the VOCs remain in the house. I’ve noticed lately that the scent from his deodorant travels all the way downstairs soon after he uses it. He’s told me “If you find another deodorant, I’ll try it.”

So, I had this unopened KMF stick deodorant and thought “Why Not?” It didn’t work for me, but who can say it won’t work for someone else? So, he tried it yesterday and it worked very well. Clearly a body chemisty issue, perhaps it’s hormonal? Who knows?

Now all I need is a deodorant that really works for me… Any suggestions?

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  1. I use Pure & Natural crystal deodorant. I would love to talk to you! You can email me at {{email address removed}} my name is Natalie 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip, Natalie. I actually use a crystal deodorant too now. I will contact you via email. I removed your email from the post to prevent you getting majorly spammed.

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