Dear Oprah Winfrey

Well, I haven’t sent this yet, but I plan to:

Dear Oprah,

The strangest thing happened to me at the dentist’s office last week. In the waiting room I found the September Issue of your magazine 0 – The Oprah Magazine. Seriously, the September 2007 issue, in a dentist office on August 13, 2007. Thought there was a law requiring magazines in office waiting rooms to be at least 2 years out of date. 😉

On the front cover there was a headline that caught my eye “Do What You Love!” I flipped through to find the article. I realized I wanted to read it, but it was time for my appointment. So, on the way home I stopped to buy a copy.

It was a strange feeling wandering through the women’s mag. section of the bookstore. I used to visit it quite a bit, but rarely get there any more. Couldn’t recall why.

I found and bought your magazine. As soon as I got it home I remembered why I don’t get to that section of the bookstore anymore. It literally reeked of perfume. There were 2 ads for perfume in there. I don’t recall which ones and I wouldn’t put them up on my blog if I did. The samples were semi-sort of sealed, but not really. I really thought they had passed a law requiring them to be sealed, but I guess not.

Because of MCS, I live in a fragrance free world – at least at home. The smallest amount of fragrance will trigger a headache, at best, and at worst a killer migraine that lasts for hours or days.

So, I put the mag. in the sun for a couple of hours. Then I just let it sit for a few days. On Thursday, I flipped through while riding my stationary bike. It still reeked. No change from Monday. So, I tore out the pages I was interested in and put the rest of the mag. in the recycle bin – outside. And today, nearly a week later, those few pages still reek.

I did have to laugh at one point while looking at the magazine. There was actually a small plug for It talked about green laundry techniques. I noticed it was carefully worded though. It mentioned solvents and pollutants but it stopped short of talking about any of the fragrances (aka solvents and pollutants) in your average laundry detergent. Probably has something to do with your agreement with the perfume industry, you think?

I love your television show, when I can watch it. I love what you do for people. I especially love your book club, for the simple fact that it has gotten more people to read. I even liked your magazine. But I won’t be buying it again.

Maybe one day the world will realize that we are poisoning ourselves with those chemicals. Now that would be a better world!

And I still don’t know if it was worth the cost of the magazine since I still can’t be near it long enough to read the article. Maybe I’ll ask my hubby to scan it and I can read that…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Oprah Winfrey”

  1. Bravo -please do send this to Oprah. I sent a letter recently when they did an industry sonsored piece about cosmetics.
    She really has enough of her own money to not have to feel threatened by greedy toxic parts of the chemical industry, and I don’t understand how she can do all this supportive stuff and simultaneously not stand up against practices that make us sick.
    Vogue has a big piece about chemicals this month!

    Not much about perfumes though…

  2. Linda – Thanks for your comment. I’ve sent a much shortened version of the letter, along with a link to this page, to Oprah – online of course, and they don’t give her email out.

    If I get a response, you’ll be sure to see it on this blog.

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