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Recently, someone found this blog because they did an internet search on “Fragrance Free Church” (but without the quotes). I hadn’t really imagined that there might be such a thing. In the past, I’ve had so much trouble with fragrances in church that it just wasn’t worth trying to go. After you have to leave the service so many times, you just quit going. It’s not worth it if it’s going to make you sick.

So, I did my own research on some of the sites that come up when you search on “Fragrance Free Church”. With Google, I got 945,000 results. It does seem that churches are becoming aware of this issue, although some of them are more in tune to the real issue than others.

Some churches have created a fragrance free section, but really that solves nothing. The scents from the other section are carried by the air system. Still others have totally separate rooms for the chemically sensitive. But really, why do you want to make people feel like pariahs, when there is a better solution?

There are some that have the right idea of getting the congretation to not wear fragrance to chuch. Here’s sites that have suggestions to make that happen:
Does Your Church Make You Sick?
Are You Allergic To Your Church?
Why Go Perfume-Free to Church?

For more insight into the issue of the need for Fragrance Free Churches, check out some of these links. Or do your own Google search.
How Accessible is your Congregation for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?
Parishioners breathe easier in Seattle church’s ‘fragrance-free’ zone
‘Fragrance free’ zone has Mass goers breathing easier
People with Chemical Sensitivities Speak Out on Communal Worship

Is Your Church Fragrance Free?

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  1. My wife can not attend church because of the fragrances the leaders take no action because she i free church in the antelope valleys in the minority.I would love to find a fragrance

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