Seven Reasons YOU Should Be Concerned About Fragrances

  1. Using fewer fragranced products will help your fragrance-challenged friends. (You likely know some who suffer in silence.)
  2. It will help limit the VOCs in everyone’s drinking water.
  3. If all the groceries and restaurants quit using air fresheners, you wouldn’t be eating so many VOCs in your food.
  4. We’ll all breathe a little better – especially asthmatics and COPD sufferers.
  5. Fragrance products that contain VOCs trigger migraines in many people. Migraines are more than a headache, they are a neurological disorder. This means that VOCs ultimately impact the brain. What can it mean for children who’s bodies are still forming?
  6. According to a recent survey, 39% of men prefer a woman to smell like the clean smell of soap.
  7. A recent study has found that fetuses and babies are highly susceptible to chemical pollutants that can cause disease or disability.
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