Top Ten Things You Can Do To Help Fragrance-Challenged

Here’s a few suggestions to help the people in your life that are fragrance-challenged. And believe that they are there, whether you know it or not. You’d be surprised how many people are silent about this health issue.

  1. A little goes a long way. If you must wear perfume, wear it subtly. It should be a light scent that is noticed after you’ve passed someone – not a cloud that precedes you.
  2. If you’re traveling in a car, leave the perfume off. It’s way too confined a space.
  3. Did you know that that fabric softener you use winds up sending perfume throughout your neighborhood. This can be a problem for many people.
  4. Look at your personal products and see just how many fragrances there are. Cut back on some of them.
  5. Shampoos may be rinsed out, but they still leave a lot of fragrance in your hair. Especially one whose name is the same as a bird used as a symbol for peace.
  6. Especially don’t wear a lot of fragrance at work. We all have to work, so help make it easier on others.
  7. If you have someone into your home that you know has a health problem because of fragrances, get rid of your “air fresheners” and scented candles. Turning them off or not using them just before your company arrives isn’t enough. Those chemicals are picked up by your air system and circulate for a long time.
  8. If someone tells you they have a problem with fragrances, take them seriously and do what you can to help them out.
  9. If they’ll be staying at your house, use fragrance free laundry detergent and dispense with the fabric softener and dryer sheets. It can take 20-30 washings to get those smells out, so just never let them get in.
  10. If you’re planning an extended visit with someone that is fragrance-challenged, leave your hair spray, perfume and any other aerosols at home.
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