Do you know what it is?

This was the coolest plant, notice the bricks to give you an idea of the size of the bloom. If you know what it is, please leave a comment!

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6 thoughts on “Do you know what it is?”

  1. It’s most definitely related to the artichoke, but it looks different from the ones I’ve seen growing.

    Either way, I liked it’s looks enough that I went back a second time since the first time I didn’t have my camera.

  2. My grandfather has it growing on the roof, ill have to ask him what he calls it. All i remember is that it grows on roofs (terracotta), loves sun, and the tea from the petals? is good for ear infections. Its not edible I think.

  3. Thanks, Myh. Post another comment if you find out what it is. I found it growing outside a Montessori School in Dana Point California. Liked it so much I wen back with the camera!

  4. me again 😀

    I knew it had a very interesting common name, thankfully my grandpa has a good memory :).

    Im not sure I can translate it appropriately into English though, its something like “house guardian” or “house keeper”, and also “lightning grass” (thunder lightning) and other protective names that have something to do with its protective or healing properties. Apparently its one of those plants that can heal a wide variety of health problems.

    The tradition to grow it on roofs as a lightning strike protection originated in 9th century (wow!) (at least here in Croatia).

    Anyway the official Latin name is Sempervivum tectorum L., as you can see the first word means “forever living/alive” which describes its resistance to unkind growing conditions. As far as I could find the common name in English is houseleek, that should be enough to search further if you like 😀

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