To Market, To Market – On Monday Morning

My husband and I usually do our grocery shopping together, on the weekend. But this past Sunday, we made the mistake of heading out two hours before the Spurs playoff game. We couldn’t believe the traffic. Seems like everyone was scurrying about trying to run errands before the game. I said, “No problem. I’ll just go early in the morning.”

You have to understand that I no longer want to go to the grocery store. They have a lot of “air freshener” pumping through their system. I timed it once, I was in there only 12 minutes and came out reeking of their “air freshener”. It’s odd that a couple of years ago, I noticed they had a soap in their restrooms that was fragrance free. The label said it was good since it prevented the fragrance from transferring to the produce. Well, I guess they had to get rid of that soap when they brought in the “air freshener” machine!

My neurologist has remarked that she never notices the fragrances in the same places that I do notice them. And I’m sure there are many non-fragrance-challenged out there that will read this post, roll their eyes, and think I’m crazy. I know you’re out there. But, I’m not crazy. If you use mainstream products for your personal hygiene and laundry, then you’re already surrounded by fragrance everywhere you go. AND if you also wear fragrances, then you’re exposed to that much more. Your nose won’t register all the different odors after a while. Plus, you won’t notice that you picked up a NEW fragrance while shopping. But if you start out fragrance free, you’ll notice the difference.

So I have a Survival plan for my grocery trips:

  1. I’m now known to go to the grocery in the morning BEFORE my morning shower. I know, it’s actually appalling to me as well. But I often find I have to change my clothes and wash my hair when I return, so why bother showering before?
  2. I have a list and I pretty much stick too it. Gone are the days when I browse the store and notice the new products.
  3. I’ve taken to wearing my Wein MiniMate as well. It really does help, and if things get real bad, you can hold it close to your face and breathe it directly.

So I figured Monday morning would be good. It’s not a time when a lot of people are grocery shopping. But, what I didn’t count on was that the stores know this. And they do things like stocking and cleaning. Stocking is really no big deal, but cleaning was this morning. Did you know that there are gasoline (or maybe diesel?) powered floor buffers. Emitting all those same exhaust smells as if you’re driving down the highway. Which, for me, are now as bad for me as the fragrances. I was unfortunate enough to have it go up and back down a couple of aisles that I was on. I finally had to re-route my shopping so I could avoid.

I mostly survived that trip. At least I was in and out quickly. But maybe Monday morning isn’t the best time after all.

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