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This week, I thought I would post an update to my previous traveling post. We’re back from our trip and it was fairly successful.

My care package arrived ahead of me so that I had all my own personal products on hand. No searching for all those items while on vacation. I had plenty of zippered plastic bags with me to put things in for the trip back – since you can’t carry them on an airplane. The zippered bags were definitely needed as they contained the inevitable leaks caused by the non-pressurized space for luggage.

Our hotel worked out OK, though it could have been better. The potpourri was very pervasive throughout the hotel. Although not so much in our room. There was a perfumey odor on the linens in our bed. We borrowed pillows & cases from my step-daughter and that made it tolerable. A week before our trip, I had sent a letter to the hotel listing my requests. I received an e-mail reply stating that they would instruct the Housekeeping Dept. to stay out of our room. Well, that turned out to not be such a good idea – the trash piled up, the towels were damp, we ran out of coffee. We finally reached an agreement where they would come in and do a minimal amount of cleaning.

We didn’t really use the Zeolite for odor absorption. The car was okay without anything – meaning it hadn’t been smoked in recently, if at all, and it had no perfume smell. At home, I’ve banished all my husband’s dry cleaned clothing to one closet. I’m putting the Zeolite in there to see if it helps.

We also didn’t need to test out the Wein AutoMate. It plugs into the car and helps to clear the air. I can tell you that it does work. We have one in both cars and use it often. It takes care of the car exhaust and cigarette smoke that get into your car. It also helps when a friend or family member that uses perfumed products gets into your car.

The Wein MiniMate was worth all of the pennies (quite a few) that it cost me. On our plane rides to California, I used it the entire time. I had zero migraine. A first on a plane in some time! I also used it whenever we were in the hotel common areas or elevator. It definitely helped. On the return trip, I had forgotten to put a battery in my carry on bag and the battery died. The trip wasn’t quite as good migraine-wise. But still better than in the past. Some of that can be attributed to the medication from my neurologist.

That’s my report. If you have any tips or ideas to add, leave a comment.

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