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Here are a couple of sites that may be of interest to you if you have problems with fragrances or other chemicals in our air. You might also point the nay-sayers in your life to them. (You know the ones, they tend to not want to hear what you have to say. Lest they learn too much about what’s bad in the cosmetics and fragrances they use.)

First is a PBS report titled “Trade Secrets.” It addresses toxic chemicals found throughout our environment. The report tells about the ways in which our right to know has been compromised. It brings up the issue of trade secrets which prevent us from knowing what is in fragrances and cosmetics. Be sure to check out “The Options.” The section under Options titled “Protecting Yourself” provides information, room by room, about the chemicals present in your home.

Follow this link to get to PBS: Trade Secrets.

Another good site is part of the FDA. It’s a site totally related to Cosmetics. It provides information on what the FDA regulates, and what it cannot. There’s lot of good information here. For an eye-opener, try the True/False Quiz. You’ll get feedback after each question and could learn something new.

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