Travel for the Fragrance-Challenged

I’ve never done well with air travel. I often wind up from a migraine – between the jet fuel, everyone’s perfume and the notorious air quality in airplane cabins. Plus, the last time I stayed in a motel, I got very little sleep because of the fragranced chemicals used in the room.

When I travel, I have to take everything with me – shampoo, soap, all of it. I’ve always carried it on the plane with me, because I couldn’t afford for the bag to get lost, delayed, or picked up by someone else. But now, with the current state of air travel, I can’t be sure that I will be allowed to carry it all with me – even if it would fit in a 1 quart zip lock bag. Buying them at my destination isn’t an option because they aren’t readily available at your average grocery. Where I’m going in California, I would have to drive to either LA or San Diego to find a Whole Foods!

Usually, my choice is not to travel. But my step-daughter gets married next week in California, and I would not miss it for the world. So after a lot of discussions and internet searching, here is my plan:

  1. I am preparing a “care package” that I will send to my step-daughter. It will contain all the personal products I need. I should know before I leave that it got there ok. Going home’s not a problem, because I will have spares at home.
  2. When I made our hotel reservations, I discussed my problem with them. They have said they will make what accomodations they can. But they admit to having potpourri in the common areas. I’ve asked them to not use aerosols (as much as possible), to remove the bedspread and other dry-cleaned items. Also no furniture polish. I’ve also requested a room with windows that open, and that they be opened in advance of our arrival. My step-daughter, bless her heart, has checked out the place and given it an “ok”.
  3. We’ll be borrowing blankets – also sheets, towels and pillows if necessary.
  4. I also found an item called Zeolite. It comes in a bag and is supposed to absorb odors. The bags were relatively cheap, so I have two – one for the hotel and one for the rental car.
  5. For the rental car, my husband wanted to get one that had no sprayed air freshener and had never been smoked in. I told him Good Luck. I’ve also gotten the Wein AutoMate. It plugs into a cigarette lighter and is supposed to help clear the air in a car. Other people swear by it.
  6. I’ve also bought the Wein MiniMate. It hangs around the neck and acts as a personal air purifier. I’ve already tried it out a couple of times, it does help. I’m still checking w/ TSA to make sure they’ll let me take it on the plane.

How I long for the simple days when I just hopped on the plane without thinking about it. I’ve worked on these plans for quite a while now. Will let you know later if it actually worked.

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