My Purpose in Creating This Blog

I have suffered most of my life because of fragranced products in our world. The number of fragranced products seems to have increased astronomically in recent years. Which has only made my suffering worse. I am not alone in this. And I have found that there are many people who are much worse off than me.

So, my purpose here is two-fold:

First, to help myself and others learn more about coping with their health issues.

Second, to educate others about the problems that their fragranced products create for otheres.

It’s a sensitive issue. If I tell someone that the plug-in air freshener in their home is why I won’t visit their house, their reaction may not be a good one. Rather than seeing it as a health issue, they take it personally. And this is only one instance. There are so many circumstances. When I have tried to tell someone that I have a problem with their perfume, I will later hear them say that I don’t like their perfume. And while that is true, it really isn’t the issue. And it is nothing personal. I dislike everyone’s perfume.

On the other hand, I have read posts written by MCS sufferers where they attack those who wear perfume. Calling someone stupid isn’t really helpful. It isn’t a question of anyone’s intelligence. It’s a question of their lack of knowledge.

And that is what I hope to do with this blog. To share knowledge about the health issues related to all the fragranced products in our world, so that hopefully people will think twice before using quite so many of them. And maybe they’ll start demanding more unfragranced products.

I invite all comments. Especially to hear about your personal experiences and how you’ve solve problems. Or what additional information you have on a topic. And I’ll publish those comments. Unless you are attacking others. If you’re going to attack people, don’t look for your comment to be approved.

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