My Laundry Recipe

Laundry products seem to be some of the most heavily scented products on the market. I have never been able to use scented laundry products. It was more than 10 years ago that I noticed I could not be outside near my neighbor’s dryer vents when their dryer was running.

For years, I used the unscented dryer sheets, although I’ve since learned there are not so chemicals in them either. Worse, they’re manufactured in the same place as the scented sheets, and stored there too. So, they still have fragrances. What’s a girl to do?

Here’s my recipe:

All Free & Clear

Baking soda – This actually helps get odors out of clothes. Be sure it dissolves completely or else you’ll wind up with white spots on your dark clothes. I run the cup full of baking soda under the water while the machine fills. We buy 12 pound bags of baking soda @ our local warehouse store. It comes with a measuring cup!

Vinegar – Helps remove some of the soap. Actually does the same function as all the fabric softeners but it doesn’t stink and it costs a lot less!

Aluminum Balls – I take sheets of regular aluminum foil about 6-8 inches long and crumple them up. Eventually they begin to disintegrate and will need to be replaced. They help to get rid of static cling. They’re noisy, but they don’t stink!

In the washer:

  • All Free & Clear
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 cup Vinegar (9% if you can get it) put into the rinse dispenser

In the dryer – 4-6 aluminum balls. Take sheets of aluminium foil, roughly 12×12 inches and crumble them into balls.

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  1. I also us All Free and Clear but it is still made with petrochemicals. I also use one called Charlie’ s Soap. It removes alot of odors and works well. Vinegar is great at removing smells and softning clothes. However, sometimes even that does not remove all the fragrances.I know alot of people live in the city and in developments where hanging clothes outside is not allowed or considered to be old fashioned or weird but that is the very best way of removing fragrances from clothes. I live on several acres in the country and hang all my wash out. After several hours in the sun and air, no more perfumes. Mom did know best. I know my mother used vinegar and baking soda for much of the cleaning when we were children. Manufacturers have to have something to sell their products so when everyone started using dryers instead of hanging out clothes something was needed to make them smell like “Mountain Air” or “spring showers”. It has not been accomplished yet and now the manufactured smells are making everyone sick. Some of them just don’t know it yet. that their headaches and sinus infections and digetive problems and nausea may be caused by their attempts to make things smell good. I

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