Scent Diffusion Systems???

This was the news piece that put me right over the edge. America Sniffs Secret To Scenting Success

My sister sent me that link one month ago, and my response to her sums it up:

Just what we need. I knew there were places that liked to put fragrance in the air. I didn’t realize that there was an industry just to provide such systems. A well-known lingerie company has done it for years – for ‘branding’. There are hotels and even outdoor venues that do it. The worst is that hospitals have fragrance running through their systems!

The number of people bothered by fragrances is larger than many realize. It isn’t just migraines, but also asthma sufferers and anyone with COPD. You are, after all, ingesting it through your lungs. It’s my belief that there are many people who don’t even realize that fragrances are the source of their problem.

On the other hand, Nova Scotia has gone fragrance-free – in public places. Marin County, California has fragrance-free seating in restaurants. Now that they’ve run the smokers out of most places, fragrances will be the next battle.

I hear people say that they have a “right” to wear perfume. Sure they do, but I have a “right” to be in public w/o being ill.

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